Why Choose Us?

There are many factors that we believe set us apart from other investment firms: the most important being our commitment and dedication to each individual client and his or her unique needs. With a combined total of over ninety years of experience in investment management, our portfolio managers have the depth and experience in both up and down markets to competently oversee your investments. The team is characterized by hard work, creativity, and honesty.

Martin Investment Management, LLC offers:

  • A clear and repeatable investment process
  • Experienced Investment Professionals
  • Established U.S., international, and global strategies
  • Established environmental and women in leadership focused strategies
  • Focused Equity Portfolios
  • Portfolio construction based on the fundamentals of quality businesses
  • Adherence to a disciplined valuation process
  • Belief in compounding of returns over a long-term horizon
  • Long-term track record of investing across three different mid to large capitalization universes, U.S., non-U.S. developed world, and developed world screened
  • Integration of research in the investment process

Martin Investment Management, LLC’s portfolio managers work collaboratively to develop a collective thought process on their focused equity investment strategies. The resulting perspectives are powerful, independent, and client focused. The firm members enjoy working together and are visibly passionate about achieving the goal of building a leading investment advisory firm.