Martin Investment Management, LLC’s philosophy encourages investors to focus on the long-term growth of capital to create wealth. This belief reflects the upward bias of the stock market and the long-term vitality of the global economy.

Since inception, the firm has based its investment philosophy on great investors of the past, who successfully approached investing in the equity markets with discipline and thoughtfulness. The firm emphasizes the importance of discipline in investing over different market cycles and patience in compounding wealth over time. Therefore, fads and quick solutions are not part of the firm’s character. The firm believes holding a focused portfolio maximizes the probability of outperforming the market over time.

This philosophy assumes that equity markets are not always efficient, and that a focused, actively managed portfolio of well researched investments should outperform the market indexes over time. The investment philosophy is based on risk management and the selection of high quality stocks. The focus on high quality, attractively valued, growing stocks should help to preserve capital in down markets relative to index strategies and to keep up relatively well to index strategies in up markets.

A key company principle is the belief in the power of compounding over a long investment time horizon and having the patience to ride out negative years in the market cycle. This requires discipline, rather than following popular trends or employing the latest schemes.

The firm’s independent perspective, time tested investment philosophy and depth of experience allow us to have an eye toward the future in order to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

In an ever changing world, Martin Investment Management, LLC believes that it is important to be truly active. We are committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals through utilizing a variety of disciplined investment techniques for security selection and portfolio construction.

We believe that the combination of quality, growth, and a valuation discipline in focused portfolios improves the probability of outperforming the market indexes over time.