Martin Global Investing

Martin Global Investing, is a global strategy that invests in a portfolio of 40-50 mid to large capitalization companies located in the U.S. and international developed markets.

The strategy invests in stocks that are determined to be high quality with above average growth rates that can be purchased at favorable valuations. The investment philosophy has a quality emphasis and is based on fundamental valuation methods. The firm looks at the basic economic characteristics and growth of the businesses in which it is investing and then uses its valuation methodology in making the investment decisions. In addition to individual company analysis, the firm reviews broad regional themes and assesses individual country fundamentals in the selection of holdings for Martin Global Investing.

Martin Global Investing focuses on investing in companies with consistent growth, strong fundamentals, low leverage, and trading liquidity and holding the investment over a long-term horizon.

Martin Global Investing

Global developed market equities

  • 40-50 mid to large capitalization quality stocks
  • Businesses with worldwide competitive advantages
  • Positioned to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities
  • Ability to generate cash flow to fund their growth
  • Long-term focus with less portfolio turnover