Martin Signature Investing

Martin Investment Management, LLC’s focused strategy of Martin Signature Investing holds 25-30 high quality U.S. and non-U.S. mid to large capitalization companies that we believe are not only sound investments, generating positive cash flow, maintaining low leverage, and providing strong returns on invested capital, but that also promote the leadership of women on all corporate levels, encouraging and supporting women to be entrepreneurs, investors, and decision makers. The firm uses the proprietary database of, its affiliate, to determine a company’s ranking on women in leadership factors.

Martin Signature Investing is an active strategy based on a bottom up fundamental approach coupled with a disciplined valuation process. The portfolio benefits from a long investment horizon with low annual turnover.

Martin Investment Management, LLC a majority women owned investment advisor, reflects the investment philosophy of Mary E. Hogan, a relative of our company’s managing directors. In 1944, her obituary described her as “One of the nation’s shrewdest business women…who made history in the lumber and logging industry.” She wrote her unique signature on checks ranging from a few cents to hundreds of thousands of dollars using only her initials. Her investment philosophy of buying stocks in growing, high quality companies is an integral part of the investment philosophy of our firm to this day.

Martin Signature Investing

Global developed market equities and a Women in Leadership Focus

  • 25-30 mid to large capitalization stocks
  • Growing earnings with reasonable valuations
  • Focus on women leadership at all corporate levels
  • Diversity Inclusion screening with
  • Long-term focus