Martin Investment Management, LLC’s Eco-Investing strategy combines the firm’s fundamental quality approach with investing in global businesses that aim to positively impact the environment through good stewardship and sustainable practices. The strategy is fossil fuel free. It does not invest in oil, gas or coal companies, or extractive industries.

Global Eco-Investing is actively managed with a concentrated portfolio of approximately 25-30 mid to large capitalization global equities. The stock selection process for this strategy is based on the discovery of companies with strong fundamentals, attractive valuations, and solid environmental practices that can be held over a long-term horizon. A company’s ability to exceed industry standards is part of the company review process.

In evaluating stocks from an perspective, Martin Investment Management, LLC uses the proprietary database and technology of, its affiliate, to assess how a company ranks on multiple factors. The database technology also has the capability to match an individual’s values with his or her investment and financial goals, which Martin Investment Management, LLC can use to customize a portfolio of stocks.


Global developed market equities with screening

  • 25-30 mid to large capitalization quality stocks
  • Screening with
  • Investing in growing competitive businesses
  • Strong return on capital with shareholder-oriented management
  • Long-term sustainability focus with low portfolio turnover